Calzone Casino Review


About us

We love casinos. And we love Pizza as well. That is why this is a perfect combo for us and its quite easy to review things that you love. We have played on so many casinos over the years and we have gather som extensive experience. When we are spending days and nights at the casino it can sometimes get exhausting and we are getting really hungry. Therefore it’s a perfect combo to eat and and play at the both time.

When we do reviews we spend several hours on those casinos to give our readers the best and the honest reviews. This is in fact our way of making a living and therefore we want to give our reader something great. If we can deliver something to our readers that makes them more comfortable and trustable we are happy. We will for sure go that extra mile for our readers.

We hope you like our website and we do hope that you like Casinos and Pizzas as much as we do. I keep my fingers cross for that and good speed choosing the right slot. Please gambling responsible.